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Bob Kirsch

Bob's resume

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Past president, Metropolitan New York chapter of the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA); in charge of chapter programs for seven years

Degrees from Columbia College and Harvard University (partial scholarship to Columbia; full scholarship to Harvard)

Certification from the educational program of the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA)

Member: The Authors Guild, American Medical Writers Association, Science Writers in New York


• “Thank you for everything … your knowledge, work ethic, and sincere effort….I want to thank you for the outstanding contribution you have made to the success of the company the past dozen years. I also would like you to continue contributing,” – Editor, newspaper for physicians, upon retirement
• “I must say… your writing is sensational! I have very little comments about the writing in general and I am again very happy that you are part of the team,” – Project leader, major three-month project
• “Great piece of writing – thanks for assembling it.… Greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you on this article,” - Clinical assistant professor of medicine
• “We will definitely keep you in mind for any future projects,” - Project leader at research foundation
• “You have certainly done all in your power to meet unrealistic timeframes and it is appreciated,” – Medical education executive
• “Thanks once again for your diligence and untiring optimism during what I’m sure was a challenging couple of weeks, “ – Medical education executive
• “I appreciate your ‘eleventh’ hour help in writing the six papers on neurology. The papers were used as you sent them and no changes came back,” – Project leader
• “Thanks a great deal for helping me on this project. You made my writing appear to be so much more fluid. You're awesome at what you do,” book author
• “I hope that we’ll be working together for a long time to come,” President of communications company
• “We thought your manuscript was very good. In addition, we received comments on the newsletter from our faculty reviewer but they were fairly minor. The reviewer also thought the newsletter was very well done.… Thank you again for your excellent work,” – Associate Scientific Director
• “I am expanding the agreement to include the writing of a third self-study module. [You completed] all three modules and the extra editing in a record time… I have appreciated your timeliness and the work that you have done,” – Medical education executive
• “By the way, I just went through what you sent me, and it was perfect…exactly what I needed done. And you did pick up on some errors, so thank you!” - PharmD Scientific Director
• “We are grateful for all the efforts you have made through the years and couldn’t be more pleased with the performance of your work,” Managing editor, newspaper for physicians
• “I thought your article was thoughtful, balanced, upbeat, and accurate! Thanks for doing such a nice job!” - MD Physician-in-chief at a major medical center
• “We appreciate the quality and diligence of the work. We look forward to working with you again,” - Executive Vice President of a consulting firm led by key physician experts
• “Great article. Thanks for your hard work on this, Bob!” - MD Director, Public Health, a major US city
• “Thanks for helping us make the process run smoothly,”- Healthcare executive
• “I want to personally thank you for your diligence and effort,” – Medical education executive
• Working with you has been a pleasure. We will certainly contact you about additional projects, and look forward to working with you again,” – Associate Scientific Director
• “Thanks so much. You have been a generous and supportive colleague,” - Professor of public health
• “It’s a pleasure working with you! I really appreciate all of your follow-up and attention to these articles,” -- – Medical writer at healthcare company
• “Just wanted to thank you once more for all your terrific research” – Executive, healthcare marketing company
• “Thanks for all your hard work and thoroughness!” - Medical-education-project executive
• “Thanks for all your hard work and for getting this research back to us in a timely manner,”– Account exec
• “Thank you so much for getting everything back to me so quickly. Your comments and suggestions are truly appreciated,” - Healthcare executive
• (Your article) “is aces – full of accurate, useful info,” - MD professor of medicine
• “Thanks for your input and edits, they look good. It has been a pleasure working with you. Perhaps there will be more opportunities in the coming months,” MD professor of medicine
• “Thanks, Bob. I appreciate your work and attentiveness…. I like the way you brought it all together,” MD professor of medicine and president of medical specialty society
• “This looks very good. Very comprehensive. I think the article is very balanced and well written,” -
MD professor of cardiology
• “Thanks for delivering on time. Great article from my point of view,” Project leader
• “I thought the newsletter was very good…. And, based upon your work on this newsletter, I would be very happy to work with you on future projects,” - Medical education executive
• “I have very much enjoyed working with you these fifteen years. You have motivated and helped me during this time,” – Editor, publication for physicians
• “Bob, I also want to add that everyone has enjoyed working with you. The feedback I receive is very positive.”

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