Medical and Health Writer and Editor -- Freelance
Bob Kirsch

Medical and Health Writer and Editor -- Freelance

Your organizationís reputation can only be enhanced when written documents are accurate, clear, succinct, and logically structured.

When you and your staff find yourselves with an overflow of work, an experienced medical writer and editor can help you produce quality documents completed on time.

* More than a thousand articles published in over forty-five publications

* Writer of CME, CE, newsletters, websites, blogs, training materials, on-line texts, video scripts; as well as entire books and manuals

* Experience as a medical and health writer and editor from 1991 to the present

* Writing and editing to the needs of diverse audiences --- from physicians, pharmacists, and nurses to patients, HR executives, pharmaceutical executives, internet users, families, children, and the general public

* Commitment to scientific accuracy

* Commitment to ethical practice

* Track record of on-time or ahead-of-schedule submission of work

* Demonstrated ability to facilitate projects and cooperate with clients in diverse fields

* Articles in The Lancet, Scientific American, Mayo Clinic Health Letter, The Washington Post, Medical Tribune of Japan, Medical Tribune, Resident and Staff Physician, The Female Patient, Newspaper of Cardiology, Oncology Times, Infectious Disease News, Neurology Bulletin, The Pain Report, Geriatrics, Arthritis Health Monitor, The Spine Letter, Ocular Surgery News, Pharmacy Practice News, Emergency Medicine News, General Surgery News, Dermatology Times, and other publications

* Past president of the Metropolitan New York Chapter of the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA)

* Degrees from Columbia College and Harvard University; an additional certification from the educational program of the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA)

I complete all projects myself.

If you need a document written, research completed, or a text scrubbed and polished, please let me know. Thanks.